Custom Work

This is the #1 complaint received by holster makers: "Why don't you offer a holster for (xyz gun)?"

The hard truth is that we cannot possibly offer a high quality holster for every single firearm out there. Just like with cars, clothes, and just about everything else, personal preference comes into play when owning a firearm, and we have gone with the most popular models that we know we can offer a high quality, tested, and proven design for, as well as market demand. This is a small business, not a hobby. 

That being said, we do have a ton of molds - so if you are looking for a particular firearm please feel free to ask. Custom Work also comes with Custom Work build times, so expect to wait a little longer than the normal lead times to receive your product. We are also open to designing and building unique products for a particular setup, so if you need a holster or sheath for a particular tool or knife, a mount that is not on the site, or provisions to carry in "other than normal" positions, we can normally handle those kinds of requests. Communication is King. 

We are still expanding the line of offerings so the best thing to do is send a DM through Instagram or email and let's see if we can get you sorted out. WE ARE NOT AN FFL AND WILL NOT ACCEPT FIREARMS SHIPPED IN FOR HOLSTERS. Knives and other tools/gear are perfectly fine, just make sure they are insured as Pagan Ridge accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items.