Discreet Carry Concepts Clip, HLR Mod4 1.5"

  • $18.00

Whether your application is for a holster, sheath, magazine carrier, tourniquet or simply attached at the end of a lanyard, the premium line of High Level Retention HLR Discreet Gear Clips has been designed to increase the wearability and performance of supporting equipment, allowing you expand the way you integrate, align and position your loadout providing you more options and flexibility. 
  • HLR Discreet Gear Clips™ have THE highest clamping pressures in the industry, even at the minimalist width of .624".
  • Made from our own 10XX steel alloy purpose built specifically for this application adding strength and ductility.
  • From cold rolling to deburring, all metal forming for the entire HLR Discreet Gear Clip line is done in-house giving our experienced team full control of all manufacturing processes.
  • Provides rock solid retention, whether worn over a belt, behind a belt so it cannot be seen or as a standalone attached to clothing or other gear.

Care and maintenance: We recommend keeping your HLR Discreet Gear Clips™ lightly waxed or oiled to prevent corrosion and keep the black oxide finish looking it's best. All ship with a light to dry coating of oil on them.